Press release

Copenhagen 1st of August 2017


Danish furniture success NOFU in Norwegian joint venture

The Danish furniture concept NOFU has become an instant success. To accommodate future growth, the NOFU founders Bertil Stam and Thomas Schwartz has made a joint venture with a Norwegian partner.

With its range of affordable handmade Danish design furniture and clever in-store concept, NOFU is in high demand and growing fast. Thus, NOFU has hired Leif Arne Skogsholm as the new CEO of Nordic Furniture Norway A/S, responsible for the NOFU markets Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Leif Arne Skogsholm is proud to play a future part in the NOFU journey:

“Design, quality, and concept in a combination of new ideas and old quality thinking. This combination makes us confident that we will succeed in the Nordic countries, and I look forward to bringing NOFU to the Nordics. With NOFU, everybody has an opportunity to build a beautiful home without spending a fortune.”

Thomas Schwartz, NOFU founder and Director of Commerce and Business Development adds:

“This is a unique opportunity for expanding our sales of NOFU products in the Nordic region with a local and strong partner. We are closely following our plans to set up a global partner network for selling NOFU products, either with major distributors partners or as joint venture operation with local partners.”

Thomas Schwartz encourages everyone interested in a partnership to send an email to NOFU.

About NOFU

NOFU is affordable handmade Danish design. NOFU offers furniture for the entire home – from hallway and living room to kitchen and bedroom. All products are handmade in solid PEFC certified ash wood. The furniture is surface treated with a chemical-free PU varnish, and as a result is both durable and suitable for families with children. NOFU guarantees sustainable and environmentally friendly products and offers a variety of options for both wood stain and textile colours.

With NOFU’s in-store concept, consumers can choose from more than 50 different ‘furniture boxes’ on display in their local hypermarket. The furniture box is paid in the supermarket, whereupon customers bring home the small box and finalize the order online. Six to eight weeks later, the handmade solid ash wood furniture is delivered to their doorstep, manufactured upon order to the specific wishes of the customer.

For further information, please contact:

Leif Arne Skogsholm

CEO Norway, Sweden, Finland

Tlf: +47 90193225



Thomas Schwartz

Director of Commerce and Business Development

Tlf: +45 7026 2646