Scandinavian Furniture Design
A none-artistic style, yet still elegant and detailed
(An article written by Bertil Stam, furniture designer born 1975. Designer behind the NOFU brand)

When I was young, and still undecided on my future livelihood, I lived in the countryside of Denmark. I grew up with simple solid oak furniture being used everyday, yet now still standing and only marked by a bit more patina. Such furniture does not apply for the “use and throw out” category – it is pure quality that’ll last for generations. Not unlike NOFU, the furniture brand I since created.

Quality Scandinavian furniture design is exactly that. It will last for generations both in build quality and design style. And this is key to success; proven by the influence it has had and still has on our world. In the early days it required skilled craftsmen to make quality furniture, which continues to be the case. Thus, I highly respect and appreciate the educational offer of a unique and instructive 4-6 yearlong schooling to be able to call oneself a professional Furniture Craftsman.

A true Furniture Craftsman works almost solely in wood. Connections and constructions are crafted into details that underline the beauty of the furniture. In my opinion, true Scandinavian furniture design is all about that – detailed solid wood furniture. Hence, I appreciate to work with solid ash wood in strong detailed constructions across my NOFU designs.

The NOFU737 dining chair is a great example of my love for true Scandinavian furniture design. The chair’s headrest is beautifully carved of a single piece of bended wood, yet still not compromising with fine details on both top and front of the curve.

Scandinavian furniture, like the NOFU brand, is decorative in any home setting and can bear to be used. Thus, not functioning as “art” pieces. To me, art is a unique single expression, which is not produced in quantities, and thus not used by many. I want NOFU to be used, which is why we emphasize comfort and functionality of our beautiful furniture.

The NOFU740 tray table embraces both décor, comfort and functionality. A magnetic mounted top tray enables the ability of carrying the tray into the kitchen to load fruits, coffee or snacks, and placing it back on the table legs when filled. That is, freedom and function, yet packed with elegant details.